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Restaurant Great Skadarlija - Belgrade


restaurant great skadarlija belgrade Traditional à la carte restaurant Great Skaradlija is located in the heart of the old quarter of Belgrade, just next to the Skadarska Street. This part of the city developed in the mid nineteenth century, and with its cheerful atmosphere and authentic architecture has managed to preserve bohemian spirit of the old Serbian capital. Restaurant Great Skadarlija is an excelent place for business meetings, romantic dinners and various celebrations. Traditional culinary delights will satisfy all tastes and desires, and with the sounds of tambourine music good times and cheerful atmosphere in the restaurant Great Skadarlija is guaranteed.

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Restaurant Skadarlija has a capacity of 200 guests, and a summer terrace with an additional 300 seats, and a separate room for smokers. In addition to à la carte menu, the restaurant is suitable for business meetings and family celebrations. Summer terrace provides a relaxing experience in a beautiful setting. Restaurant Skadarlija preserve the charm of bohemian quarter, and with the rich flavors of traditional dishes and international cuisine, an excellent range of local and international wines, accompanied by romantic tunes, this is the place that will put a smile on your face and live long in your memory.

Contact info: + 381 11 334 22 30 ,

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Restaurant Velika Skadarlija - Cetinjska 17, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia


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